Frequently Asked Questions

What is the goal of CAMP?
CAMP Mission: Improving patient outcomes and quality of life with supported high-risk procedures by utilizing best practices, techniques, and technologies to enable safer, more effective and complete revascularization and to bridge patients to heart recovery.
Do I have to follow the curriculum exactly in order or can I test out of some courses?
While we recommend that CAMP members follow the recommended educational pathway and sequence, a physician can navigate between learning modules as preferred. There is an option on each module to test out by completing the self-assessment before completing the module.
Will there be a “certification” or other recognition if I complete all courses?
Yes, CAMP members will receive CAMP certificates for completing the various curricula tracks, and the CAMP staff will highlight those physicians who have completed various levels in monthly newsletters and other forums.
How much does it cost to participate in CAMP?
CAMP is a series of eLearning and instructor-led educational courses that are offered by Abiomed. There are no registration fees for the courses, but an attendee may need to incur some travel/hotel costs for in-person sessions. These costs may be reimbursed after the program based on our policy for educational courses.
How can partners and other colleagues participate in CAMP?
Physicians can request access at
How can I submit a case for the case library?
CAMP is always looking to showcase high-risk, complex cases that demonstrate heart recovery and/or complete revascularization. Please email [email protected] to discuss featuring your Impella supported heart recovery case.