CAMP Heart Failure is a new learning collaborative dedicated to improving patient outcomes and quality of life with supported high-risk procedures and LV unloading to bridge patients to heart recovery.

CAMP stands for Coronary Artery & Myocardial Protected PCI or Surgery. Heart failure healthcare professionals are instrumental in early identification of appropriate patients, risk factor reduction prior to high-risk procedures, and optimization of medical therapy to promote heart recovery.

About CAMP Heart Failure

CAMP was developed for healthcare professionals in an effort to respond to a growing crisis in coronary artery disease and heart failure. Of the nearly 1 million patients admitted to the hospital with heart failure:

  • less than 40% are tested (invasively or non-invasively) for coronary artery disease; 300,000 patients with reduced ejection fraction do not receive timely and appropriate treatment and have a diminished quality of life
  • 45% have incomplete revascularizations, resulting in less-than-optimal results and increased costs
  • 7% suffer from acute kidney injury, which can result in increased mortality
  • 8% to 17% are readmitted within 30 days of discharge for cardiovascular issues

Acute on chronic heart failure that progresses to cardiogenic shock is emerging as the predominant form of cardiogenic shock in hospitals today. Real-world evidence is lacking to guide best practices to improve outcomes in this desperately ill patient population. CAMP will be sharing clinical evidence on cardiogenic shock as it emerges in peer review literature and clinical trials.

The CAMP Heart Failure community supports members with educational material created by our faculty, workshops, case presentations, and the opportunity to meet and network with peers and leading experts.

CAMP Collaborative Vision

CAMP offers the industry’s most comprehensive and highest quality education and training program for treating heart failure patients with advanced coronary artery disease and cardiogenic shock. Designed for all levels of clinical expertise, CAMP offers continuous learning on multiple platforms and educational solutions including digital modules and hands-on workshops to include continuing education learning opportunities. The CAMP Heart Failure curricula is designed to enhance education on:

  • Epidemiology and Mechanical Circulatory Support Current Trends
  • Hemodynamic Fundamentals & Collaboratives
  • Patient Management & Other Clinical Considerations
  • Operational Considerations


CAMP is made up of a carefully curated group of healthcare professionals treating advanced heart failure patients who undergo high-risk procedures or require mechanical circulatory support for cardiogenic shock. Members are able to connect and network with the world's leading experts, and can participate and discuss cases live or via our forum. Our faculty of experienced healthcare professionals is also available to support and answer questions.


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